The UK FCERM sector is not defined as such, and is probably not recognised by many who don’t work directly within it. It includes a wide range of organisations from national and local government bodies, utility companies, and drainage boards to consultants and contractors, from research institutions to charities and community action groups. The state of gender diversity across this landscape differs greatly as do the barriers to achieving equality.

We want to know…

  1. ‘Who’ is the FCERM sector (effectively our audience) and what does it look like?
  2. What initiatives already support its members’ career and personal development?

Click here to fill in our survey that will help us to build a baseline understanding of:

  • The proportion of women working in different organisations in our sector and the gender pay gap
  • Gender equalities strategies that are in place and what external initiatives have influenced those strategies
  • How the Women in FCERM initiative can support in different areas of work related to gender equality

The aim of the work is to decide what the initiative looks like going forward and influence the establishment of a Women in FCERM Strategic Steering Committee. We will rerun the survey in future years to help us understand how gender equality statistics and strategy changes over time and to build changing industry needs into our ongoing programme of work.

The survey closes on Friday 30th April 2021.