The WiFCERM Committee

The initiative is supported by a small group of volunteers drawn from organisations in different parts of the sector. This group has been established to steer the four stages of our work. Going forward we plan to establish a more formal committee of all genders and at various levels of seniority to ensure we represent the members we serve.

Eventually we would also like the group to be able to focus on wider aspects of diversity than simply gender.

Josie Bateman
Environment Agency

I have been a committee member of WiFCERM since its inception in 2018 and more recently as the strategic lead for WiFCERM. My role involves co-ordinating all of the key projects and ensuring we meet our strategic aims. I am responsible for ensuring that a robust project and comms plan is in place and that they are effectively delivered.  

Sophie Dunajko

Sophie is the Head of Membership at CIWEM and provides a link between WiFCERM, CIWEM and other professional institutions and their members, supporting their professional and personal development.

Emily Clarke
Anglian Water

My role is Comms Lead for the National WiFCERM committee. I also lead the Midlands and Anglian WiFCERM committee, which I have been part of for three years. Our regional committee seeks to provide meaningful events, that reach out to women and strive towards gender equality, diversity and inclusion across our FCERM industry. Our most recent events have been virtual and open to all. 

Hannah Coogan
JBA consulting

I am passionate about promoting diversity and I am JBA’s national Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Champion. I have been involved in the national WiFCERM Steering Group since 2018. I also lead our benchmarking work and have chaired Midlands and Anglian Region networking sessions.

Clare Dinnis
environment agency

I am currently the Area Director for the Environment Agency’s West Midlands Area. I attended a couple of events in 2017 which brought home to me the lack of gender diversity at senior levels in our sector and it made me really uncomfortable. I was lucky enough to be leading the 2018 Flood and Coast Conference so I worked with the team to develop the first Women in FCERM session which was held at that event. The conversation was amazing! And it was clear there was much to be done to help women progress – with support to do this from women and men at the event. So I promised the group that the conversation would continue and I’ve worked with the rest of the committee and many other volunteers to keep that promise since.

Rachel Walters
environment agency

I was part of the organising committee that facilitated the first WiFCERM event at Flood and Coast conference 2018. Since then I have led on a number of face to face and virtual events across the country as well as putting in place the first Awards celebration in 2019. I led on the development of an engaging branding personality to expand our reach across the sector as well as updating the web-site and social media channels to promote all of the various projects taking place.

Fay Bull

Fay Bull has worked in the sector for over 15 years and supported the initiation of the Women in FCERM initiative. She sits on the Steering Group and supports industry benchmarking activities.


binnies uk

I am Regional Delivery Director- Flood, Coast and Maritime for Binnies UK Ltd. I am passionate about promoting early careers advice for STEM and supporting career progression for women working in the FCERM sector. I joined the Women in FCERM Committee in 2020.


ioannis touras

I am currently leading the Men of the Jacobs Women’s Network initiative to foster effective gender partnership and promote inclusive actions within the company and the sector. I joined the Women in FCERM Committee in 2021.