The WiFCERM Committee

The initiative is supported by a small group of volunteers drawn from organisations in different parts of the sector. This group has been established to steer the four stages of our work. Going forward we plan to establish a more formal committee of all genders and at various levels of seniority to ensure we represent the members we serve.

Eventually we would also like the group to be able to focus on wider aspects of diversity than simply gender.

Wendy Brooks
Environment Agency

Having worked in FCERM for over 15 years I have been involved in WiFCERM as a supporter, mentor and now its strategic lead to help strive for equality and inclusion in the sector. I co-ordinate all of the key projects that deliver our strategic aims and build support for our vision. To do this, working with the committee, I am responsible for a forward looking plan of activities, events and communications to support the work of the network. 

angela barber
Environment Agency

I have been co-lead of the WiFCERM group mentoring programme since 2021 and have been part of the WiFCERM committee since 2022. I have worked in the FCERM sector for the last 15 years and have seen first-hand how the programme and other wider WIFCERM events support women to develop and grow. By empowering women and sharing our experiences through this community we can help fulfil personal and professional ambitions.

eleanore cooper

Eleanore is the National Flooding Partnerships Manager at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). Eleanore has over 10 years’ experience in flood risk management across Scotland specialising in external stakeholder management. She has been actively involved in the publication of Scotland’s Flood Risk Management Plans. Eleanore also has a passion for equalities for all and is constantly exploring ways for improvement.

naomi doble
binnies (an rsk company)

I have recently joined the national WiFCERM Committee as the Secretariat. I have worked in the FCERM sector for 6 years as a civil engineer and I am thrilled to be part of the WiFCERM initiative. 

Sophie Dunajko

Sophie is the Head of Membership at CIWEM and provides a link between WiFCERM, CIWEM and other professional institutions and their members, supporting their professional and personal development.

becky george
environment agency

I have worked in the FCERM sector for 15 years and joined the WiFCERM committee in 2022. I lead on organising the annual WiFCERM Awards which celebrate inspiring professionals at any stage of their career and organisations which champion gender equality across the sector. The awards are presented as part of the annual Flood & Coast Conference Excellence Awards Dinner.

priscilla haselhurst
lower medway internal drainage board

I”ve observed positive changes for women across the industry during the 20 years I’ve worked across the FCERM sector. I joined the committee in 2022 and will provide a link between WiFCERM and the Association of Drainage Authorities, the Internal Drainage Board sector, as well as the Southern Regional Flood and Coastal Committee.

Emily Clarke
Binnies (an rsk company)

I’ve been involved in WiFCERM since 2018 and was previously the Comms Lead for the National WiFCERM committee. I also lead the Midlands and Anglian WiFCERM committee.

Our regional committee seeks to provide meaningful events, that reach out to women and strive towards gender equality, diversity and inclusion across our FCERM industry. Our most recent events have been virtual and open to all. Please let me know if you would like to get involved!

katy mccarthy
environment agency

I joined the WiFCERM Committee in 2022, as communications and engagement lead. I manage our website and social media channels.

In my Environment Agency role, I lead on engagement for Flood Risk schemes in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

roberta de moraes

I joined recently joined the WiFCERM Committee to represent Jacobs Engineering. I am environmental engineer with general knowledge in water and wastewater projects. I hold a MSc in Marine Environment and Resources (2019-2021), and have experience reviewing case studies of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for coastal protection in Europe. Currently, I am a member of the Flood Risk Management team at Jacobs in Bristol.

Kathryn Pettit
Environment Agency

I’ve worked in the FCERM sector since 2011, and joined the WiFCERM Committee in 2019. I co-lead the successful WiFCERM group mentoring programme alongside Amy Shaw and Angela Barber.

Hearing women’s experiences of working in the FCERM sector, along with the feedback and success of the mentoring programme, drives me to continue looking for more opportunities to support women to develop and grow both personally and professionally.

Amy Shaw
Environment Agency

I have been part of the WiFCERM committee for four years and I am passionate about supporting women across the sector to develop and grow. I co-lead the WiFCERM group mentoring programme alongside Kathryn Pettit and Angela Barber, which seeks to support women working across the FCERM sector with their personal and professional development.